Obedience Training DVDs by Janice Gunn

Positive Puppy Training by Janice GunnRaisin Heeling on the Step by Step DVD coverProofing and Problem Solving Dual Disc DVD setJanice Gunn's Relationship Building and Ring Prep DVD Cover
Starting a New Puppy? Positive Puppy Training shows you how to give your puppy a head start for competitive obedience.

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Need Step by Step Instruction? This 2 Disc DVD set covers Puppy straight through to Utility.

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Having Some Problems? My Proofing and Problem Solving 2 disc set show the solution to a lot of common problems.

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Just Need a bit of Polish? Check out Relationship Building and Ring Entrance Skills.

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I am asked, on occasion, if my methods work for various breeds of dogs, for example, Rottweilers.  My method of training is based on positive reinforcement and play-based motivation and I find this works very well for most dogs and particularly well for Rottweilers. Rottweilers WANT to work and just need a methodology that keeps them in drive and clearly outlines to them what is expected.

But… I think it is better to hear what a Rottie owner accomplished with a little help from my obedience training DVD’s.

Janice Gunn

Rottweiler Logan OTCHI can’t thank Janice enough for her excellent DVD and video instruction.  I was struggling for so long on Logan’s article discrimination until I got Jancie’s DVD for utility exercises.  Her way of teaching the articles made perfect sense to Logan.  He learned them quickly and is now excellent on his articles, in fact judges have asked me how I taught Logan to sniff the bars of each and every article so methodically.  I owe it all to Janice.  I was able to get Logan’s OTCH title when he was 9 years old.  I only started trialling for the OTCH when he was that old so there you go, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!!  Logan is also featured on Janice’s DVD for proofing and problem solving.  He had issues with go outs and that was also fixed by Janice!!

I now have a new girl – a Logan daughter, called Lana who just turned 2.  I have been using Janice’s DVDs for building relationships with your dog and  used Janice’s puppy DVD to raise Lana into a nice working obedience dog.  We just finished Lana’s Novice B and are moving into Open B in the new year.  Her utility exercises are coming along and I hope she has the

Rottweiler Logan HITsame success as her Dad but at a much younger again.  That way we might stand a chance to get that UDX and hopefully a MOTCH if we are so lucky.

Janice’s DVDs are so well done.  Her way of teaching is excellent and her relationship with her dogs comes through in how her dogs are with her in both competition and training.  I can’t tell everyone enough, how they should purchase these DVDs if they get the chance.  You won’t be disappointed.


Gwen Haynes, Logan and Lana (the Rotties)