Golden Retriever: Master Hunter Flashpaws Firecracker

Golden Retriever-Sparks 2017

OTCH, NMH, GMH,  FlashPaws Firecracker, , WCX, UD Am. OTCH MH, WC, UDX2, OM3, OBHF– call name “Sparks” Born July 4th, 2015 in Houston, Texas
Breeder: Jane Simmons-Moake

Sparks pedigree is a combination of some incredible obedience dogs, awesome agility dogs, and highly accomplished field dogs.

At 2 years old Sparks earned his CKC Master Hunter title.  One week later he pranced into the Novice B ring to earn his first leg with a perfect 200 score.  Just as Sparks turned 4 years old he became a Cdn National Master Hunter Champion and a Grand Master Hunter!  Wow!

Sparks is a very handsome, well put together dog that is kind, sweet, and is a real team player.  I am so fortunate to be on his team!

At 3 years old Sparks became a National Master Hunter Finalist and a Grand Master Hunter.  Amazing accomplishments for any dog, and especially for one so young.  Sparks is 22″ and weights 70 lbs.  He has an amazing temperment, and has had incredible success competing at both obedience and retriever tests.


Spark’s Video Gallery