The start of this video explains the two different types of heeling methods that I have taught my dogs.  One is the Armband method in which over time and training the armband becomes a focal point for your dog to look at while heeling, giving him clear criteria of where he needs to look.  The 2nd method I teach is what I call Push Heeling, something I adapted from a method similar and commonly taught in Europe.  I adapted and changed the method to suit the type of obedience I do which is AKC and CKC competition.  I taught this to my dog Sparks 4 years ago when he was a puppy.

The second portion of the video shows one of many heeling games I play with my dog….. Once my dog knows a stay and is solid on the stay, then I play a game I call “Start line stays” and that is where I am teasing my dog while I am leaving, encouraging him to break and then rewarding him when he is successful.  This game gives me a reliable stay under exciting or distracting conditions.  Once I get that, then I can add my excitement into leaving my dog and getting him hyped up to do catch up heeling, the more exciting I can be to come to the more he is going to want to drive into heel position.