One favorite segment from the Step by Step Training Puppy/Novice DVD has been “Raisin Puppy Training at 8 weeks of Age” As I did not have a puppy at the seminar to demonstrate my baby puppy training with, I thought it would be a great idea to insert actual home video that a friend took of me one morning while working with Raisin. Many people have commented how much they enjoyed this segment so I thought it would be fun for those of you that have not seen or ordered the DVD’s yet to include this footage with the newsletter.

It is critical to start the competition puppy off correctly. My DVD explains why a tuck up sit & fold back down are so important to teach properly right from the get go. Also shown on the DVD is how I use food in my training, even how to cut it properly to make your training sessions flow better. The segment you will see with baby Raisin is simply she and training. It was her first time off my property and you will see how focused you can keep your puppy, even away from home at 8 weeks old! Stay interesting, use your voice so the puppy does not lose his focus on you, have the right food, and remember to play and add in a couple of fun tricks. I hope you enjoy watching the puppy training segment.