This video is about training my dogs to remain on their stations and when released, return back to their station.  These stations are K-9 Climb Platforms, your station should be some type of platform.

Remi the Lab is 3 years old, Pounce the darker golden is 2 years old and Sparks on the right is 5 months old.   This was Sparks 2nd session only on station training.   Sparks actually did a tad better on his impulse control than Remi did!

So why do this?  Well, as I explain in the video, this is where I place my dogs when they are waiting their turn to train.  I like it better than putting them in crates, and it gives them a clear parameter of where they need to remain.  Also it helps to create focus, keeps my dogs more attentive, they learn better to respond to their name, it builds impulse control in both your young and experienced dogs, they learn to wait for their turn,  you can build some distance training cues, helps to create a higher level of communication with my dogs, its a great way to start “pack” training, and it’s fun!