Bernese Mtn Dogs & Yorkshire Terriers

Debbie's Berner PupsI am a newly retired person from the Telecommunications world. After 35 years with the same company it was time for a change.. So I am blazing new trails in my retirement.

Though I have had dogs in my world pretty much my whole life.. Now that I am retired I have the time to get into Training & Breeding which is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I found a nice little Bernese Mountain dog ( my second BMD) now 3 years old and got her Canadian Championship in the conformation ring and then found a stunning stud (Valentino of Nobleheart Kennels) to breed her to.. What a wonderful experience.. I am hooked for sure. We produced a lovely litter of 6 pups 2 males and 4 females.. Sold 4 of the pups to wonderful families and they are all doing great..

The next step is to get the puppies (some of them) into the conformation ring.. I am also working on more obedience training as I plan to get some Obedience titles on my pups under my new kennel name. (website is still a work in progress but coming along) . I am hoping TNT kennels will be able to help out with the obedience training. We just completed the Junior puppy class and the kindergarten puppy class.

Debbie's Berner's carting with their Yorkie friendsOne of my passions is carting with my first Berner Abby (almost 5 years old).. She loves to pull my Yorkies around the neighbourhood.. After attending and watching some draft tests at the National Bernese Mountain dog Specialty in Denver this year I realize Abby is just about ready to compete in the draft.. So another item to add to my bucket list.. She loves pulling that cart and all the attention she get’s to go along with it. When we are out in the neighbourhood the traffic often stops to watch Abby pull the Yorkies in the cart ( I occasionally grab a ride as well).. People have often stopped and asked to take pictures of them as we go around the neighbourhood with the cart.

I currently have 6 dogs. 2 very large Yorkies (The Yorkies of course rule the house.. A little attitude goes a long way) and 4 Bernese Mountain dogs.. Each hold a huge place in my heart. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without dogs running around the house. The joy they bring to my life is huge. I saw a movie called “Must Love Dogs” Well it couldn’t be more true for me..