OTCH TNT Anya’s Echo, UD, WC, JH

“Echo” March 20 1998 – March 26 2012

14 years old (plus!)


 A strong, confident, sweet, loving girl right to her final day.  On Echo’s birthday just last week she went for the most wonderful hike with her housemates.  She retrieved a bird and kept up, as always with the younger dogs not missing a beat.  I was in awe watching her, trying to act like she was just a pup,  she was always the playgirl making the most of every moment of her life, something I will always treasure. Today Echo had a normal morning, ate breakfast, went for her morning and afternoon walks, but by the end of the day, we found her in the backyard laying under a tree all by herself.  John carried her to the house as she was to exhaused to walk and we knew her time had come.  She had been failing on and off for a couple of weeks, but always fought it off and rebounded by the next day.

She loved and lived life right to her final hours.  A vaccine injection site cancer surivour of over 5 years thanks to the on going support of Suzi Beber & Smiling Blue Skies,  Echo was an amazing dog and we will miss her very much.  Thank you to breeder and friend Chris Braswell for bringing Echo into this world 14 years ago.   The picture of Echo attached was taken just last month, her expression still sparkling with life.

Love you Echo,

Janice & John