It’s August and once again time to congratulate students for their placement on the Top Dogs in Canada report for the previous year (2011). Remember, Novice scores do not count (only CDX & UD) but I know with the incredible results the novice students have had that recently list will grow exponentially next year.

Congratulations to the following teams:

  • Linda and her Toller, Tikka, who placed #2 in Tollers. Tikka is currently caring for a new litter of puppies but will hopefully return soon to get her UD.
  • Hedy’s Rottweiler, Jazz, was #4 Rottweiler and placed #8 in the Herding Group and is now working on his MOTCh.
  • Lale’sManchester, Eddie, finished his CDX title and was #1Manchesterfor 2011. This team is ready to start competing in Utility.
  • Maureen’s Cavalier, Chipper, was #1 Cavalier and once again #1 in the Toy Group. Chipper completed his MOTCh and is currently working on his American UD.
  • Birgitt’s Puli duo completed their goals in 2011. Whoopi is now a MOTCh and went into retirement in fine form; placing tenth in the Herding Group. Her sister, Angel, completed her Utility and was right behind Whoopi and #2 Puli.