Maureen Murray and Students:

What a weekend! TNT really rocked this weekend.

  •  The stars in “scores” for Maureen’s students was Valerie and her Golden, Rodeowho went four for four in Novice A with three High in Class (including winning a run-off in her final round). Poor Rodeo was exhausted; even looked like he was sleeping on the down and then it’s a RUN-OFF! Valerie collected the loot – High Dumbbell Club Trophy both days and TNT High Scoring Student on Sunday. But to top it off she had the nerve to win the Ex-Pen in the raffle too!!!! I see some more great titles for this boy in the future Rodeo scored a 198.5 on Saturday – WOW!
  • We had another new title. Sylvia and her Standard Poodle, Katrina, finished their CDX title with a very nice score.
  • Peter and his Flat Coated Retriever, Chance, went home with an insurance CDX leg. That was thrilling as Peter has not had time to train the dogs lately. Shows they’ve been taught well.
  • Hedy and her Rottweiler, Jazz, continued their winning ways from last weekend, gaining two legs towards their MOTCh over the weekend – that’s a four for four!
  • Margaret and her Whippet, Cairo, not only qualified two for two in PCd – but Maureen was thrilled to have the Judge, Mr. Hazelwood, comment to her how impressive that Whippet and handler were! I think he noticed me intently watching!
  • Bonnie and her Golden, Nick, rocked it their first time in and got that first leg of PCd
  • Maureen and her Cavalier, Chipper, survived a very long weekend. It’s a joy to watch teams you coach go in and strut their stuff; but it makes for a long day for handler and dog! However, I listened to myself on Sunday and kept telling Chipper there was a “Jackpot” if he worked hard and I worked hard to get him “up”. It worked! Our Sunday scores were reflective of how hard I worked to motivate him.
  • But the biggest star for me and what I enjoyed most about the weekend was watching Stephanie and her Toller, Jinx, go in the ring do some fabulous work only having problems on the heel free. But by the end of the weekend she was enjoying herself. Her on-leash rhythm was fabulous; she’s learned to interact with her dog between exercises and even came out of the ring told me she’d identified some training errors she’s made and that she had adjusted her pace during her run. Sometimes we have to “sacrifice” some rounds to get ring experience and confidence that we can do and hey, “It is fun!” Well done, Stephanie; now that you have your confidence you’ll fly.
  • In the third ring, Gail and her English Cocker, Reina, had a great weekend, finishing their Advanced title and getting two legs at the Excellent level.
  • I’d also like to congratulate TNT students for their part in running the trial. Without the volunteers it doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is; there wouldn’t be any trials to showcase it. So thank you to the TNT students who gave their time to ring steward so we could compete. Talking to them after; they all enjoyed themselves and they all learned a lot. So whether you’re a “newbie” or a seasoned “veteran” when there’s a call for volunteers put your name forward. You don’t need to be experienced. There will always be one experienced steward there to guide you. And TNT students did more than their share this weekend! Thank you to: Janel, Nancy, Trudy, Joanne and Heather – without you we wouldn’t be congratulating the above!

 Loris Little  and Students

  • Judi Dunlop and Golden Retriever, Chai  earned 2 legs towards her CD, with a High in Class and High in Trial with a 199.5 SCORE !!!
  • Alycia Rogal and Labrador Retriever, Mesa earned 2 legs earning her Rally Novice title
  • Jane Eskuri and her Great Dane, Sookie earned her first open leg
  • Jane Eskuri and her Chihuahua Hoops earned PCD leg
  • Jane Eskuri and her English Cocker Spaniel, Sailor earned their Rally Excellent Title
  • Lori Little and her Golden Retriever, Chevy,  won High in Class Open and Utility and High In Trial

Karen Brearley and Students

  • Carol Hauta and her Doberman, Nikon, earned their Rally Novice (Cdn)
  • Lesa Ibarra and her boxer, Michael, earned at two passing scores in Rally Novice including a High in Class with a score of 98
  • Terri Gueck and her Tibetan Terrier, Jetsun, earned their his Rally Excellent title
  • Terri Gueck and her Tibetan Terrier, Tenzing, earned their Rally Novice Title
  • Karen Brearley and her Sheltie, Ember, earned their first Utility leg with a High in Class

TNT Stars Gallery

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