A number of TNT obedience and rally students competed at the recent Dumbbell Obedience and Rally trial (April 25 & 26/2015)

TNT Competition Obedience Instructor, Lori Little, wanted to share some brags from her students!
” These are the list of legs earned at the Dumbbell Trial, I am sorry I don’t know yet about all titles earned.  Ever so proud of my students!”

  • Lynne Dowling with golden retriever AimyLynne Dowling with Golden Retriever Zuma earned 2 open passes
  • Lynne Dowling with Golden Retriever Aimy passed and won High in Class in Veterans
  • Mary Philpot and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Murphy earned her title in Pre- Novice obedience
  • Beryl Watson and Golden Retriever Maddie earned 2 novice obedience passes (possibly a title)
  • Sharon Cameron and Miniture Schnauzer Maisie earned 2 open passes and rally advanced pass
  • Kirsten Robertson and Boston Terrier Markus earned rally advanced pass
  • Shel Phelan and her Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Ruby earned 2 Rally advanced legs
  • Martha Baldwin and Australian Shepard Savanah earned Rally Advanced leg
  • Murphy earns his Novice (CD) TitleKirsten Robertson and Boston Terrier, Markus earned his Rally Advanced title
  • Beryl Watson and Golden Retriever Maddie, earned their Novice title

If you are one of Lori’s students and would like to share a picture from the trial  please forward to our webmaster at leslie@mindstorm.ca

Watch for Part 2 – where we feature Maureen Murray’s student wins from the Dumbbell trials.