Congratulations to all the TNT students who earned new legs and /or titles at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers Show held at the Tradex Oct. 27 – 30, 2011.

New Titles:

Joan & Bandit (Pomeranian) – PCD

Catherine & Siobhan (Cavalier)  – PCD

Andrea & Carlotta (Great Dane)– PCD

Mario & Dior (Boxer) – PCD

Kelly & Turbo (Golden) – PCD

Yvonne & Louie (Pug) – PCD

Kelly & Turbo (Golden)– CD with 4 HIC

Bonnie & Ella (Golden) – CD

Lale & Eddie (Manchester Terrier) – CDX with HIC in Terrier Specialty

Dina Popadiuk and Tyra  (Doberman) -PCD, RN, CGN High Doberman in Rally & High Doberman in trial

Dina Popadiuk & Schultz (Doberman) — RN, CGN

Maureen Fanthorpe & Aro (cattle dog) — RN


Joan & Poet (Sheltie) – PCD

Yvonne & KD (Pug) – PCD

Gail & Reina (English Cocker) – PCD

Joan & Bandit (Pomeranian) – CD

Wendi Daechsel & Kyros (Belgian Tervuren) –Graduate Novice

Lori Little & Morgan (Scottish Terrier) – PCD

Terri Gueck and Jetsun (Tibetan Terrier) –RA

Jane Eskuri and Sailor, (cocker spaniel) had multiple open passes

Darissa Towle and Taylor (Australian Shepard) were in both conformation and pre-novice.  Conflict of time of course.  She was in the show ring, went best of breed, then quickly ran to her Pre-novice class and went right in with little warm up passing it with flying colors for her first leg ever.

 Scoring Legs (already have title)

Hedy & Jazz (Rottweiler) – CDX

Lori Little & Chevy (Golden Retriever) –  2 utility legs, 1 Open leg, I OTCHX leg

Birgitt with Whoopi and Angel (Puli) thrilled the crowd with a great Brace round! Their mother, Isabella had a ball in the Veterans’ Class.

Jane Eskuri and Sailor, (cocker spaniel) had multiple open passes