Competitors lose more points from crooked sits and improper heel position than almost anything else. Making improvements in these two areas alone will make a significant improvement in your next competition score.

​Using the techniques in this video tip, your dog will learn to find heel position quickly and how to re-adjust based on the angle or your body, all while keeping his or her rear nicely tucked. Additionally, your dog will learn to give you a straight front even when coming in on an angle. You will find by training in this progression your dog will learn positions much easier, faster, and with fewer errors. And…because these techniques are fun for the dog you will be rewarded with a motivated and enthusiastic obedience partner.

Training Heel & Front Position with the Pot, Perch & Disc. 

In this video training tip, Janice takes you through using a pot as aid to solidify your dog’s understanding of both heel and front position and then shows you how to transition that to a flat disc and finally to fade-out using the aid entirely.
More of Janice’s foundation techniques can be found on her Step by Step Dual Disk Set and Positive Puppy Training.