This video clip shows how I start my dogs on go-outs once they have completed the running to a “cookie on a white plate” stage (as shown on my Step by Step and Positive Puppy DVD’s). I like using the platform as my dogs have already been taught numerous exercises on the platform and they find it a very reinforcing place to be. It helps to create a nice tight turn and sit as well. I will use the platform thru-out my dog’s entire competition career. It never goes away 100%, but I will need to fade it away on and off so that my dogs can perform a go-out without having it there.

Pounce is also learning how to go out ant HIT it, for times when the platform is not there and she stops short, I will ask her to go and hit the wall or gates to drive her back. Never do I put my dogs on a lead and have them drag me out to the end location. View myYou Tube Go Out and HIT it video on info how to teach this. And yes, that is Mighty whining in the background!