trick training for dogs | aussie shepherd shows off a wave


Trick dog, Cruze, shows off a wave

Trick dog, Cruze, shows off a wave

trick dog, Piper, plays the piano

Trick dog, Piper, plays the piano

trick dog, Sophie, shows off her downward dog (aka the stretch)

Trick dog, Sophie, shows off her downward dog

There’s no prerequisite for this fun-filled class. As well as strengthening your relationship with your dog it helps teach them how to learn and problem solve. It’s suitable for any age and training level and is great to help keep cognitive skills sharp in aging dogs.

Learn how to teach your dog a variety of fun tricks with our tricks instructor. Using positive reinforcement and marker training,  this game-based class will not only be useful for relationship-building with your dog, but you can also dazzle your friends and family by showing them what you learned! Teaching tricks is one way to help you become a better trainer overall as you develop crucial timing & communication skills through the process.

Many of the tricks double as fitness exercises. During the “sit pretty” and “saying your prayers” your dog is getting a great core workout strengthening both the abdominal and back muscles which will help prevent back injuries. Older and arthritic dogs use their core muscles to take stress off their hind and front legs.
The bow is a stretch that improves flexibility in the hips flexors, groin, shoulders and lower back muscles.

The CKC now offers Trick Dog Titles – Your instructor can put you on the path to trick dog success.  Click to learn more about the variety of tricks you can teach and titles you can earn.

boomer sit pretty
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An example of one of the many tricks you will learn

Do More With Your Dog - Tricks Training

This class teaches not only various tricks and techniques but also how to train your dog using a clicker.

Clickers help to accelerate the learning process for your dog. The precision of the clicking noise helps the dog know exactly what he is being rewarded for.  Your instructor will be gearing the class towards the AKC/CKC & Do More with your Dog Trick Dog Title requirements.

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Training Class Bonus - online videos and printable homework


TNT Trick Dog Classes Include Online Access to Step-by-Step Homework Instructions with How-To Videos that reinforce in-class learning. 

Tricks Class Information

Length:  5 week program, each class 1 hour in length (once a week for 5 weeks)
Price:  $220 + GST
Prerequisite: None

Visit our Training F.A.Q.  for:  our refund policy, dog vaccination info,  what to do if you have to miss a class  etc.

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Group classes are not appropriate for dogs that are fearful, anxious, have uncontrollable barking or lunge with aggression towards other dogs or people.   We suggest you seek out private training to get this under control prior to a group class.

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Dog Tricks Video Gallery

A TNT Student showing off Say your Prayers - this puppy is only 4 months old!

TNT’s training method is based on using positive reinforcement.  Here’s why…

Dogs respond best/fastest to positive reinforcement training. This method focuses on rewarding your dog for doing the asked behavior. The reward in turn encourages your dog to repeat the cued behaviour when asked again. Positive reinforcement training focuses on rewarding good behaviour rather than punishing bad behaviour.