There’s no prerequisite for this fun filled class and it’s open to dogs of all ages and skill levels.

Learn how to teach your dog a variety of fun tricks with our certified tricks instructor, Kelly. Kelly will guide through teaching tricks using positive reinforcement, which in turn will strengthen the bond with your dog and improve your overall training techniques by the use of marker training. This fun based class will not only be useful for relationship building with your dog, but you can also dazzle your friends and family by showing them
what you learned!

The CKC now offers Trick Dog Titles – Our skilled Certified Do More With Your Dog Instructor can put you on the path to trick dog success.  Click to learn more about the variety of tricks you can teach and titles you can earn.

Do More With Your Dog - Tricks Training

Students may choose to have their dog tested at the end of class to try to earn  the CKC recognized title associated with that class level. An additional fee would apply.

This class teaches not only various tricks and techniques but also how to train your dog using a clicker.

Clickers help to accelerate the learning process for your dog. The precision of the clicking noise helps the dog know exactly what he is being rewarded for.  Your instructor will be gearing the class towards the AKC Tricks Dog Title requirements and Kelly also does movie work with her dogs so will include some of the techniques she uses for movie training.

TNT has clickers available. They are $3 each or $5 with a wristband

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