Jen Patterson's Max

Thank you for some wonderful Video on Demand content suggestions! Even if you did not win this time around, I will still try to work on some of your ideas in future.

The winner was Jen Patterson from Brooktondale New York. She wanted to know what she could do to keep her dog from moving forward on signals and how to keep her dog’s focus during the exercise.

In the video clip below Raisin and I demonstrate a number of ideas for you. I train no forward movement by putting my dogs in a box when they are first learning signals. This does not allow for forward movement and thus you are teaching your dog right from the beginning that this is not an option.

The Box

In this video, you will see demonstrating another technique using a Platform. This is something new I have been using and my dogs love it. This video shows how training signals using the platform prevents the dog from creeping forward. A platform helps the dog understand correct position and build confidence to work at a distance.

For more great ways using a platform can improve your training check out our new Video on Demand title “Platform Training” which features some of the platform work I have been doing.

I didn’t know at the time of shooting the video, but you will see Raisin make a mistake when I bring out a toy and I am swinging it around. At one point you will see her sit, and I noticed when watching the video, that when I threw the toy, my arm looked just like her sit signal. So she actually took my signal (that I gave without knowing it). All i can say is, I am sure glad I do not correct my dog for not taking a signal, or for taking the wrong one. When I watched the video it was my fault not hers!

Jen, enjoy the copy of the Proofing & Problem Solving DVD that I will be sending you for submitting your Video on Demand suggestion. And enjoy the signal video i did for you! I know signals are a hard exercise for many dogs and handlers, so i hope you will find the techniques useful.

Happy training,