Janice & RemiThis newsletter is going out to my supporters from around the continent including Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, United States, Canada, and our local students at TNT Training.   I am very honored that you are subscribing to my newsletter and getting benefit from various training clips I enjoy sharing with you.    My main objective is to keep interest in Competition Obedience growing.   If I can encourage even one person to enjoy the sport, I am accomplishing my goal.

There are many other seminar presenters and instructors out there and I commend you all in your quest to encourage others in our sport.  I myself benefit from attending seminars also and appreciate the information and input they have given me. This yearI had working spots at Celeste Meade and Sylvia Bishop workshops, how great is that!  I have also audited seminars this year given by, Michele Pouliot, Bridget Carlsen, Brenda Aloff, and numerous presenters at the 2013 Clicker Expo and APDT Conference.

Some methods & exercises over lap in numerous area’s, remember obedience has been around for a very long time, but each presenter has their own unique style and spin on things so I highly recommend you support any seminars in your area.   Never, ever believe you “know it all”.  My biggest influence in my early years of training were Anne Marie Silverton, Patty Ruzzo and I have seen Sylvia Bishop many times over a frame of 20 years. I still use today the method of heeling that Anne Marie devised 25 years ago, Patty Ruzzo gave me the “cookie on a white plate” idea that I have utilized to suit my own needs for the past 20 years and incorporate into many, many exercises and Sylvia gave me the gift of being “intimate” with my dogs thru the skill of using hands in the collar for communication, along with the infamous nose bridge.

In 2013 I produced a new DVD on Relationship Building and Ring Entrance Skills.

Raisin earns another perfect score

Thank you to all that have purchased my DVD’s and for your positive feedback on them.  I also provide free training clips on my You Tube Channel and have over 700 subscribers from around the world.   As most of you know my dogs also multi-task in Retriever Field training at the highest levels, often I am amazed at what we have been able to accomplish over the years when I am splitting what time I have between two extremely demanding and competitive sports.  I also own and manage a very busy business TNT Kennels & Training Center which also consumes me in a big way.

Our students and instructors at TNT have had a great year full of accomplishments.  This will be listed in a separate newsletter after our Christmas and Awards party.  For myself, I finished the 2013 trial year with Raisin earning a 199.5 and 200 score, Mighty completed his AKC & CKC Utility title, and Remi earned his AKC CD title with three scores of 198.    Mighty earned HIT and HC one day at the Labrador National in WA and Remi won HIT the other day.  Super exciting and so rewarding with 2 very young intact males.  Needless to say, it’s a lot of work training 3 dogs, and now I have Pounce, my 8 month old Golden girl out of our infamous Boomer.  Call me crazy, but I love spending time with my dogs and it keeps me pretty active!

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year to come.

Happy training,