We all know someone whose dog was badly injured or killed because they ran after a ball, cat,or  squirrel into the road or other other dangerous situation. At TNT we started our Come When Called class because we know that some dogs require extra practice with the recall and in some cases special techniques to make them understand that coming is something they required to do NOW not after they have exhausted all the fun things a park has to offer.

This amazing class is taught by Jane who  has some very creative fun exercises that will help you teach your dog to turn on a dime away from a chase of anything, even a moving rabbit! Well so far that is still a work in progress for us, but Nani has come a long ways since taking this class. What a joy it is to see her running full speed across a field from where she was doing serious sniffing, when I yell “Nani come”. Highly recommended!!

Sue, Al and Nani

This class is worth the effort for you and your dog. Great for additional socialization in everyday environments and will give you the tools you need to feel confident”.

Sheena (Racey – 7th mth Lab)

Check out Some Pictures from A Recent Come When Called Class