Deborah-Foster-and-SantosI am very pleased and thankful to have found the Instructor at TNT in Abbotsford, B.C.  I appreciate and love her clear, encouraging method of training for both owner and dog where we walk away being a motivated team for many venues!

Santos and I entered our very first (for either of us) Performance Event being that of Rally Obedience Novice A Level.  Our first Trial gave us a score of 97 out of 100…..two seconds short of tieing for High In Class!!  Our second Trial we scored 95 out of 100.  So two Trials and two Qualifying Scores towards our Rally Novice Title.

With the wonderful ways of instruction, I feel pleased and confident enough to be able to go right out the Rally Ring and into the Obedience Ring….and possibly back to Sheep Herding!!  My thanks to TNT for having such a wonderful facility open to fellow canine lovers!”

Deborah Foster